About me

An experienced communications professional, I understand the importance of providing clear, concise, actionable messaging to inform and engage employees, clients and other key stakeholders.

In my most recent role with UPLevel, a leading accounts receivable outsourcing firm, I managed several external-facing websites including http://uplevel.globalhttp://uplevelccs.com and http://uplevelcu.com. I was also responsible for managing their social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

While with RBC Insurance, I delivered a variety of communications to sales and support team members, third-party insurance brokers, plan administrators and plan members. 

I spent five years with RBC providing online communications support to several senior managers and business lines.

As the Online Communications Specialist with Cadillac Fairview, I managed the design, launch and ongoing maintenance of CF Connect, the company’s intranet site. 

Check out my portfolio for writing samples, blog posts, videos and links to websites I’ve created and managed.

I would welcome the opportunity to lend my copywriting and online communications expertise to your team. 

Are you interested in finding out more? Leave a comment below or shoot me a note.

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