Reality Bytes

“Progressively communicate turnkey content?” or “Tell it like it is.” I believe that the most effective communications are straight forward and genuine. Organizations who don’t feel the need to resort to meaningless corporate jargon are seen as more trustworthy and credible by both employees and customers.  Quality content that is easy to understand attracts interest, engages readers and keeps them coming back for more.

According to Wikipedia; “Corporate jargon, variously known as corporate speak, corporate lingo, business speak, business jargon, management speak, workplace jargon, or commercialese, is the jargon often used in large corporations, bureaucracies, and similar workplaces. The use of corporate jargon is criticised for its lack of clarity as well as for its tedium, making meaning and intention opaque and understanding difficult.”

It’s been said that content is king, but well written, clearly communicated content is even better. When it comes to sharing information, keep it simple, keep it real.

Reality bites?
Reality bytes.

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